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Professional, modern, user friendly web design services that help you stand out.

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Web Design

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality websites that are both mobile and desktop friendly. 

You deserve a website that reflects your brand perfectly, and allows your business to grow, with a modern look that will remain current for years to come.

Mobile And Desktop Friendly

Bringing your business online helps you connect with a greater audience! 

A website allows your viewers to engage with your brand in a more meaningful way and boosts your businesses credibility, allowing customers to feel confident choosing you.

Stay Connected

Hypha Web was inspired by hyphae; long branches that lengthen mycelium (more commonly known as fungi). The hyphae make up an expansive underground system, connecting networks and providing important functions for environments everywhere to grow and thrive.
At Hypha Web, we aim to play the same important role: connecting people and encouraging communities and businesses to flourish.

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Phil Humphreys Gemmatic

Hypha Web did an amazing job creating my website and were a pleasure to work with. The design and layout suits my brand and I feel good knowing that my customers have a professional looking outlet to purchase my products from. I definitely recommend their services!

Adri Demattei Adri D Yoga And Movement

Becca did a fantastic job with my website! She kept it easy to navigate and user friendly, and super functional to my business needs. She was also super receptive to my brand aesthetic, and the site represents my business vibe so well. Super recommended!!

Rodney Denno Speak Your Mind

Hypha Web, and especially Becca, took my bloated legacy website and crafted it into a streamlined and beautifully designed one! Visitors now have an aesthetically pleasing experience and easy access to the resources they need. Thank you, Becca! Thank you Hypha Web!

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    General enquiries and questions are always welcome! You can reach us by phone, text, email, contact form, or through WhatsApp by clicking the message icon in the bottom of your screen. 

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