Hypha Web

Website Services

We offer web design services that fit your every need as well as your budget.

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  • Customisation

    A site that truly reflects you and/or your brand.

  • Security

    SSL certificate, daily back ups, secure checkout and client information storage for membership sites.

  • Hosting

    Monthly hosting packages.

Benefits of moving your business online

These days, nearly all business is conducted online. Let’s face it, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity if you don’t have a way to reach people virtually. Owning a website gives your consumers a better sense of security giving you their business.

Today, almost 50% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool that can be tailored to your exact needs.

There are endless options to consider when deciding to expand your business online. Though websites like Wix and Shopify work for some, we find customers actually end up paying more in subscription or service fees in the long run. WordPress offers more layout and tool options, so you don’t have to compromise your vision and creativity when it comes to design and functionality. Leaving your website needs in our capable hands means you’ll have more time for actually running your business!

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Additional Services

  • Additional Pages

    Get more pages but don't upgrade to the next level.

  • WordPress Tutoring

    Get a run down of how to add new products and change existing ones or create a new blog post on WordPress.

  • E-commerce Updates

    Don't have time to maintain your store? Leaving it to us!

  • Monthly Support

    Unlimited updates, support and re-designs.

  • Logo And Graphic Design

    Don't waste time trying to design the perfect logo, leave it to us!

  • SEO

    Get ranked higher in search engines.